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023 Tom McCarthy Living Without Limits | The Tim Castle Show

September 27, 2022
The Tim Castle Show
023 Tom McCarthy Living Without Limits | The Tim Castle Show
Show Notes

In this episode we talk about belief systems, taking responsibility, the power of the superconscious mind,  removing negative memories, how to create breakthrough results.

Tom's perspective, insight and tools will help you live life with more freedom. They will help you use adversity to its advantage and develop more faith.

We also discuss how to become a better speaker and presenter and enjoy the opportunity and the audience. Tom is a world class business coach to the top CEOs of big tech companys, he and his team train thousands on how to live life without limits, public speaking and leadership.

Tom changed his language to focus on Breakthrough Results rather than goals, he says "I want something stronger, something more powerful so I started putting the result in my mind not the goal"

Tom believes "life is a mind game". So you've got to use it to your advantage and program it to win! "By seeing the result as if it's already happened it allows the mind to really go to town on making it happen. Why? Because there's no confusion, it's a reality rather than sending conflicting messages to it".

There's so many valuable bits in this episode, it's one to rewatch or listen to again and again. 


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About Tom - Tom is a father of two, husband of 30 years, CEO or Board Member of 8 companies, early stage investor in over 40 companies and worldwide philanthropist.

After a successful career with a Wall Street firm, Tom found his true passion in the field of helping people in business, athletics and life, breakthrough their limitations and step into their full potential. 

Tom has been the peak performance coach for athletes who have won World Championships and Olympic Gold Medals.

Tom has been called the World’s #1 High Stakes Performance Coach and he has been selected by Forbes as an expert and thought leader in the areas of leadership, communication, and peak performance for their Knowledge Innovation Center.


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