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21 Hala Taha Strategies to Accelerated Success | The Tim Castle Show

August 15, 2022
The Tim Castle Show
21 Hala Taha Strategies to Accelerated Success | The Tim Castle Show
Show Notes

In this episode I talk to Hala Taha, Host of the wildly popular podcast Young And Profiting, The Podcast Princess and CEO of YAP Media an Agency for social media and podcasts.

I’ve watched Hala’s explosive journey over the last few years in awe, she’s applied relentless hustle, ambition, grit and determination and at every turn she’s given it her all. Whether that’s being blocked by gatekeepers, not getting the hit MTV show after recording all summer, to making it big in the podcasting world by putting her skills to the test and backing herself to win.

She’s a big inspiration, I love talking about Hala and her journey and to have her on the show is a blessing as she breaks down just how much effort and work she had to put into Young and Profiting Podcast as a side hustle and building YAP, securing guests, doing the marketing, running a team, all whilst killing it at her day job.

Massive hats off to Hala for having this snowball of success and momentum. This is certainly Hala’s time to shine and I’m loving it.

We dig into how Hala motivated herself to keep going through the low points, her strategies for goal achievement and how not getting what she wanted was a blessing disguise.

Hala has leveraged her strengths, skills and dominated an entire industry, it’s a privilege and an honour to have her share her wisdom on the show and I know everyone can implement her growth strategies for amazing success.

I whole heartedly recommended you check out her podcast Young and Profiting, follow her on LinkedIn, Instagram and get stuck into her content. It’s a game changer.

Talk about success, this is someone who’s made it happen. 

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